ZOOLOGY (0.5 Credit Available)

Science Elective

Must be completed in order.

Unit Code Unit Name Unit Description Credit(s) Fulfills
BZOOLOGY1 Unit 1: Sponges, Cnidarians, & Flatworms In this unit students will take a general survey of the kingdoms of life, learn what an animal is, and then learn about sponges, cnidarians (jellyfish, anemones), and flatworms. 0.125 or 1/8th Science Elective
BZOOLOGY2 Unit 2: Roundworms, Segmented Worms, & Mollusks This unit briefly reviews animals from Zoology 1 (sponges, cnidarians, and flatworms). Then students will learn about roundworms, segmented worms, and mollusks. 0.125 or 1/8th Science Elective
BZOOLOGY3 Unit 3: Arthropods & Echinoderms This unit covers arthropods (spiders, crustaceans, insects, etc) and echinoderms (sea stars, etc.) 0.125 or 1/8th Science Elective
BZOOLOGY4 Unit 4: Chordates & Vertebrates Students will learn about chordates, which includes non-vertebrate chordates (like Amphioxus and tunicates) and vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals). 0.125 or 1/8th Science Elective