How to Use A Parent Observer Account

  • If you have not already, please request an account by filling out the form to the left or clicking here. (If you are not able to view the form please make sure you have allowed cookies for our website.) 
  • Once you have an account, select Buzz Login at the top of our homepage and sign in under Parent Login.
  • From here you can select your student to observe and view the main dropdown menu on the left. 
  • “Home: Home is Buzz’s landing page and starting point for navigating the app. It displays current announcements for all courses, the To-do List for all courses, the student’s Activity Stream, and Course Cards. This tool gives you a good overview of what’s happening in all of the student’s current courses.”
  • [Observer App: Open the Observer App] to access the Course Home page for any of the student’s current courses. Course Home pages display course announcements, the To-do List, course activities, course links, the student’s current score, daily agendas, and the Activity Stream.”
  • [Grades: The Grades] tool enables you to track grades, submissions, and the student’s activity in current and past courses.” Once a course is selected there are multiple helpful tools to choose from. You can learn more about these tools by viewing our FAQ page
  • “Communication: Access course announcements using the Communication tool.”
  • “Calendar: The Calendar displays due date notifications that are color-coded by course. Select a date or view for a list of activities.” Please note that specific assignment due dates are merely suggestions to keep the student on track to finish their course by the expiration date. 


Agilix Help Center, Parent/ Observer Tool Breakdown