SECONDARY MATH II (1 Credit Available)

Unit Code Unit Name Unit Description Credit(s) Fulfills
BSCMTH201 Unit 1: Rational Exponents, Polynomials, and Factoring This course deals with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of exponents with rational exponents.  It also covers basic polynomial operations and factoring polynomials. 0.125 or 1/8th Math Core
BSECMTH22 Unit 2: Quadratic Functions & Modeling This course deals mainly with quadratic functions, their graphs, and different methods for solving quadratic equations. 0.125 or 1/8th Math Core
BSCMTH203 Unit 3: Functions and Inequalities This course covers exponential, radical, and piecewise functions and their graphs.  It also deals with solving different types of inequalities. 0.125 or 1/8th Math Core
BSCMTH204 Unit 4: Proving Theorems about Lines, Angles, and Quadrilaterals This course deals with different theorems and postulates that help students learn about different relationships between lines, the relationships between different angles, and also the relationships between quadrilaterals. 0.125 or 1/8th Math Core
BSCMTH205 Unit 5: Similarity This course discusses similarity between polygons and triangles.  It also deals with ratios, dilations, and transformations of those shapes. 0.125 or 1/8th Math Core
BSCMTH206 Unit 6: Trigonometric Functions This course discusses different aspects of triangles, including: mid-segments, angle bisectors, medians, altitudes, and other various theorems.  Right triangle trigonometry is also covered. 0.125 or 1/8th Math Core
BSCMTH207 Unit 7: Circles and Volume This course deals with the geometry of circles.  It also touches on the different aspects of volume that are involved prisms and cylinders. 0.125 or 1/8th Math Core
BSCMTH208 Unit 8: Probability This course discusses both experimental and theoretical probabilities.  The following subjects are covered: probability distributions, frequency tables, permutations, combinations, compound probability, probability models, and conditional probability formulas. 0.125 or 1/8th Math Core